Oh, please, Maply with me! - beta

Don't lose your friends or family. Find each other without hassle.


Secured connection between client and the server. No other data transfered than Latitude and Longitude.


No registration required. No user info requested. Only last location data saved for current session. No history data.


This service is done by private without any ulterior motive. Just for practical fun.

What is this all about?

Have you ever lost your family member in the amusement park? Or your friends in the large music festival? And you've tried to describe hopelessly your location on the phone?

Doubtless there are many apps and solutions to solve this problem. But they are too bloated, un-anonymous, require registrations, etc.

Maply.me is quick and easy as drinking water. It helps to quickly locate you and your friends on the map. So no more position explanation needed, just say maply me!

Maply.me user interface

How it works?

1. Click the "Open your map" button on this page to open your map ;)
2. Click your map code in blue below the Maply.me logo to open share popup window.
3. Give this code or address to your friend. You can copy them by clicking on clipboard icon.
Maply.me share code or url
4. Your friend joins your map via this page by typing the code on this page or by the address.
5. Friend is now wating for your approval and can't see your map.
6. Friends wating for approval are shown in yellow. Click in your map settings an "Approve" button and your friend will see your map.

Maply.me wating screen
Your marker is shown in blue. Clicking on it youll see your own accuracy. Friends markers are shown in green and grey according to their activity. If they have setted their name, it will be shown instead of "Anonymous". Under the marker is orange circle that visually shows an accuracy of friend's location. You also see friend's distance from you in their marker's popups.
Maply.me wating screen

You have to give this service permission to use your device's location data.
Locations are updated every 5 seconds.

Service provided by Dima Media